Back To School of Rhode Island

Proudly serving our community for over 17 years!


The Back to School of RI is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to provide outstanding quality educational programs helping individuals and families reach their full intellectual potential.
We value diversity and believe that everyone can become a contributing member of society.
We provide innovative programs, educate, and enhance urban development solutions for community at large. The Back to School of RI offers workshops such as CPR & First Aid and Early Literacy Training for parents. We also offer professional development training for Early Childhood Educators and Home Childcare providers an English and Spanish.

In 2015, the Back to School Celebration event overall was a great success. Backpacks and school supplies were distributed to almost 14,000 students at eleven different sites. Students and their families enjoyed a day of entertainment, food and music. Families that attended the event received educational information and information about free services provided at different organizations in the State of Rhode Island.

Back To School Celebration 2008 Event Highlight

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